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Staff List 2020/21

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Miss T Mckenzie

Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum and Assessment) - Mrs C Jewell

Assistant Headteacher (SEND and Inclusion) - Mrs C Mitchell

Teaching Staff



Mrs C Crump / Mrs S Avram





Mrs T Haylock - EYFS Phase Lead (Bee)

Miss E Sutton - RE Lead (Butterfly)

Lower KS2

Year 3

Mrs L Warwick - Whole School Maths Lead (Deer)

Mrs D Doling - MFL & Culture Lead (Badger)

Miss C King - Geography Lead (Fox)


Year 4

Miss L Thurston - Lower KS2 Phase Lead (Puffin)

Mrs H Cooper (Kingfisher)

Mr G Green (Starling)


Year 1

Miss A Thompson - Design Technology Lead (Rabbit)

Miss M Hossain - Science Lead (Squirrel)

Miss D Demeter (Hedgehog)


Year 2

Ms A Donnelly - KS1 Phase Lead (Wren)

Miss H Chamberlain - EYFS & KS1 English Lead (Robin)

Upper KS2

Year 5

Miss K Bligh - PSHE Lead (Dolphin)

Mrs E Hadgraft - Art Lead (Otter)

Mr M Garnham (Seal)


Year 6

Mr P Laws - Upper KS2 Phase Lead (Eagle)

Mrs A Tibbitts - KS2 English & EAL Lead (Kestrel)

Mrs N Ludden - History Lead (Osprey)

PPA Cover and Specialist Teaching

Mr A Hobbs - PE and Sport Teacher

Mr H Liew - ICT Teacher

Mrs H Wainwright - Music Instructor

Mrs E Belkacem - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss G Jeffries - Student Teacher

Miss J Stuckey - Student Teacher

Learning Support Staff

Inclusion Team

Miss A Arkuszewska - Pupil Induction Mentor / Family Support Worker

Mrs H Ransom - Pupil Needs Mentor

Miss R Simmonds - Attendance Officer and Admissions

Mrs R Cooper - Pastoral HLTA

Miss S Hale - Pastoral HLTA

Nursery Nurses & EYFS Practitioners

Mrs S Gant
Mrs S Greenhalgh
Ms E Hoggett


Miss A Rush

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs M Ali 
Mrs A Bezzina Heraghty 
Mrs K Brame 
Mrs K Canham 
Mrs T Clark 
Miss A Curry 
Mrs T Cunha 
Miss A Drechny
Miss S Dunn 
Mrs L Evans 
Mrs S Lake 
Mrs J Crowley 
Miss L Melvin 
Mrs J Milan-Winlow 
Mrs T Moore 
Ms C Morrow 
Mrs S Rootes 
Mrs I Shute 
Mrs X Talman 
Mrs F Wells 
Miss S Youngs 
Miss R Starling 
Mrs C Riches 
Miss E Razgute 

Other Support Staff

Office Administration

Mr G Lee – Business Manager 
Miss G Barker – Finance Assistant 
Mrs V Collett – Administration Assistant

Mrs N Wood – Headteacher PA & HR Officer

Ms A Marsh – Administration Assistant

Site Management

Mr C Manning – Senior Site Manager

Mr H Watling – Assistant Site Manager

Miss T Abbott – Housekeeper 
Mr D Creasey - Cleaner 
Miss M Fernandes Ginga – Cleaner

Miss C Monteiro - Cleaner 
Mrs H Moreira – Cleaner 
Mrs J Whale – Cleaner 
Miss E Willis - Cleaner 
Miss F Cabral - Cleaner 

Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss S Dunn – Lunchtime Lead 
Mrs J Crowley – Lunchtime Lead 
Mrs C Barker 
Miss M Blake 
Mrs L Gorman 
Miss J Grant 
Miss A Sullivan 
Miss E Willis 
Miss F Cabral 
Miss S Hodge
Mrs C Abreu