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School Closures

Severe Weather Arrangements

Parents are politely reminded that children should come to school dressed for the changeable weather.  We have a number of children who sometimes do not come to school with a coat in the cold or a sun hat and water in the hot weather.  Children will do outdoor PE and will be outside for lunch and break time in all weathers.

Following the high number of school days lost to severe weather across the County each year, the Local Authority has reviewed its guidelines to schools.  Therefore, please be aware that there is a clear expectation that schools should make every attempt to open; staff are to make every attempt to reach school and parents should make every effort to ensure their child attends school. To help us comply with these guidelines and open the school whenever possible we have reviewed our school’s risk assessment.  As part of this review:

1. Stock of salt will be regularly maintained.

2. We are planning carefully which priority areas will be cleared for access to the school building.

3. We will be emergency planning for a potentially reduced staff and for a reduced curriculum offer on days where isolated staff cannot reach school.

4. We will carefully consider whether opening school late or/and finishing school early would ensure the school could open.

5. We are asking for local volunteers who would be willing to help us clear the site and surrounding area of snow and ice in the morning following heavy snow or severe frost.  If you would be willing to help, please contact the School Office who will keep a list of volunteers with your contact.  Mr Manning (Senior Site Manager) will call you by 7.30am on the day of a potential closure should your help be required.  Many thanks in advance.

However, in the unlikely event that weather is too severe in the coming weeks and months or if we have heating failures or flooding we may have to take the decision to close the school. If this decision has to be made it will be made early in the morning and parents will be notified by Parentmail.  It will also be announced on local radio (Heart [97.1 and 96.4 FM] every 15-30 minutes or BBC Suffolk [104.6, 103.9, 95.9 and 95.5 FM] every 20 minutes or

online at and

Please DO NOT contact the school, Local Authority or radio stations directly.

If the school is closed due to unlikely events such as severe weather or boiler failure we will use Parentmail to notify parents, so please ensure that you have activated your account and check the website regularly.

Please do not telephone the school.

School closures can also be found on the Suffolk county council website. Please click the link Below.