What is RotaKids?

Rotakids is an exciting way for 7–12 year olds to enjoy working on important fun activities to raise money for charities in school for the local community and globally.  RotaKids are the youngest members of the Rotary Club family.


Rotakids started at Hillside Primary School in 2015 after we were approached by the Ipswich Rotary Club.  We have two representatives from KS2 classes who attend a meeting in school twice a month.  A Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are chosen each year. The RotaKids plan different projects of their choice together and decide how to achieve them.  We have two Rotarians attend the meetings and give us support and valuable help.  Each child is presented with a certificate and badge by the Rotarians.  They have also given the children t-shirts and caps to wear when they are doing their fund raising which gives the children a sense of belonging.


Over the past 3 years the Rotakids have raised well over £2,000 for different charities.  These include FIND, EACH, St Elizabeth Hospice, Blood Runners, TEECH, Bumble Bees, TEECH, CAMHS and Christmas Shoeboxes.  The Rotakids have raised this money by holding stalls, raffles, games, Easter Eggs Hunts and non-uniform days.

With the additional generous funding from the Rotary Club we have been able to secure 'Hillmer' an Elmer the Elephant for the school -

Hillside Rotakids are an enthusiastic group of children who are proud to be part of the Rotary organisation.