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Parentmail PMX


The school has Parentmail PMX and most parents have registered to receive emails and texts this way, and pay for school dinners and trips using debit and credit cards.  This payment system also links with a cash deposit box in the main foyer and a till located in the dining hall, so parents can view dinner money transactions online. 

There are lots of benefits for parents and the school:

  • All letters and newsletters etc are stored on parents' PMX accounts and can be accessed at any time.

  • Information can be easily translated into your preferred language.

  • Absent parents can register to receive emails to keep up to date with school events.

  • Letters don't get lost on the way home from school.

  • The money saved by not buying large quantities of paper can be used to purchase additional learning resources.

  • Parents can top up dinner money accounts remotely at any time of the day.

The office will also stock spare letters if you need a paper copy.

We also use the Events Booking system for parents to book their Parents' Evening meetings and reserve tickets for productions, and the Survey app so that we can gather parent views on a range of subjects.

If you haven't yet registered, or are experiencing difficulties, please speak to a member of the office staff.  You can also access help online at

Login to PMX here: