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Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility Information:

In most cases, where both parents have parental responsibility, the parents are expected to communicate with each other and share information provided by the school. This includes agreeing permissions, dates of meetings etc. As this is the responsibility of the child’s parents, the school, in most instances, will only seek one parent’s signature on permission, information and consent forms. This also means that only one parent will be contacted during first day absence calling and each child will receive one copy of reports and letters. 

Estranged parents can request separate copies of their child’s report to be sent to a separate address, as well as being able to request individual Parent’s Evening appointments. If a parent would like a copy of their child’s attendance data, this can be requested at the end of each half term. For all of the above the school office will need to be contacted.  


To prove that parental responsibility has been terminated, i.e. a parent is not permitted access to a child, evidence from a court or solicitor is required. For further information on parental responsibility, please follow the link below:

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