Music is a universal language. We inspire the musician within every child through rich and diverse experiences, nurturing their creativity and freedom of expression.

At Hillside we believe in a high-quality music education that encourages pupils to be creative and enables them to learn the skills to achieve this.

In our fortnightly lessons, taught by a specialist music teacher, children are exposed to a wide range of music, given the vocabulary to express their opinions about the music they hear, and are taught a wide range of playing and composing skills so they can be creative and expressive. 

There is a clear progression from Reception to Year 6, building their musicianship skills in a sequential way. Pupils are taught a variety of instruments across the school. There is clear instrumental progression from chimes in EYFS to keyboards in Years 5/6 , and recorder to flutes in KS2. The school has a wide range of resources and instruments, which are utilised in every way possible, with the aim to inspire a passion for music and the next generation of musicians.