Language & Culture


Language & Culture

 Language and Culture

Our language and culture curriculum is reflective of our local community, enabling our pupils to celebrate and communicate with their peers.

At Hillside, we have a richly diverse community with a variety of different first languages spoken. The main 3 languages spoken at Hillside are Romanian, Polish and Portuguese with one third of our community speaking Romanian as a first language and Polish and Portuguese as equally another third. In order to build community cohesion, we felt it more beneficial to teach these three languages to all our children rather than introduce another common MfL language such as French or Spanish. 

Therefore, our children all learn  these three languages, one per term from Y3-Y6, with a supplementary weekly lesson about the culture of the people from Romania, Poland or Portugal. This has helped to reduce conflict within the school community, build understanding of each other and celebrate similarities and differences. 

Language and Culture Long Term Plans